Support for animated GIF's


I’d love to see enabled import of 2D Cartoons in GIF format.
Use of animated GIF’s not only helps break the monotony, but can be a very effective learning tool - for instance to explain the steps of a complex procedures - much better than a piece of text or even a picture. It is the next best thing to attending a workshop and seeing a demonstrator perform the steps /watching a video, only much cheaper/easier to make.

Here are some sites where anyone can learn to create your own animated GIFs: ,, or use premium tools like CrazyTalk Animator 3 and many others

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It will be available in the HTML5 output in version 7. For video output, we will try to support it soon.


This is great news!
Another feature on my wish list is about retaining powerpoint animations, triggers and audio after import. :slight_smile:
Do you have any plans regarding this?



Hi Ani,

We have already added it in our TODO list. However, we have not a fixed plan for it yet.


Workaround: Convert your GIF image to a video using a site like and you’ll can use that.

On Upload (Select the GIF file). Then File -> Save Image and choice a video file format.

Be careful with transparent background images.