Suggestion for next version


Saola Animate version:
latest version

OS: windows 10


I would like to know that if you have developed svg animation for this software including the best tools and keyboard

Copy and paste from the elements (JPG, PNG, GIF, videos and many more) of web or files, without managing files. As do all software.

I would also like to add interface Collision and trigger

Thank you

Thank you for your suggestions.

I’m sorry but I’m not sure what you mean by this feature. Can you please make it clear?


Duplication: Ctrl + D

Copy an image or gif to any website and paste into Saola Animate without saving the file to the desktop. also drag

Ah I also want to tell you which interface to change z-index to change another place than this polygon side and also right click. Because it is used a lot.

I hope you can contribute to improve. Greetings.

Thank you, I got it.
About changing z-index, there are various ways:

  • Use tools on the toolbar
  • Drag/drop elements in the left pane of Timeline, or in Elements pane.
  • Use right-click menu.
  • Use hotkeys: You need to assign hotkeys once in Edit > Preferences > Shortcuts > Edit > Display Order