Submit button disabled


I’d like that after the multiple choice question is complete, the submit button changes to disable state, the same as the radio buttons. I set up “On complete”> “change state of Submit button to disable”, on the Question place holder in the Slide Master, but that is not working.

How can I sort it out?


Hi Cecilia,

On Complete event only occurs on Survey questions, Graded questions support On Correct and On Incorrect events. So you should add the disable Submit button action to all of those events to make it work for both Graded and Survey.

P/S: interactive objects are disabled once they reach theirs max allowed attempts, so you can set the question max attempt to 1 to disable it automatically when it’s complete.


Thank you for your answer Toan. I changed the state of the Submit button to Correct or Incorrect action, and it worked, however, when I go back to previous slides, the submit button is normal, while the radio buttons are disabled. Is it possible that the button is disabled when the user reloads the slide?

Another question related to this: if I need all my questions to have one attempt, can I change the settings so all the questions have one attempt by default? and I don’t need to change them manually?



Hi Cecillia,

In current version (7.1), the disable state set by the max attempts condition is the only state which retains when going back to previous slides. So you see the question is disabled, but the button is not.
To disable the button when the user reloads the slide, please add actions and conditions to the slide On Load event as shown in the screenshot below:


It’s quite inconvenient because it can’t be done in the master slide. We’ll try to improve it in the future releases.

To make all the question have one attempt by default, please insert a question for each question type, set its attempts to 1, right-click and select Set as Default [Question Type]. Please take a look at the following tutorial for more details: