Submit and try again buttons to text box question

Text box questions have two types of submission, press key and auto. The behavior I’m looking for is a third option; a submit button. Any ideas how to accomplish that?

Also I would like to have a reset button to allow the user to erase the submission and try again.

Hi Roger,

Here are our instructions on how to create submit and try again buttons to the text box question.

You can use a button to submit a text box question. To do that, you first have to add a Submit button, then add event-action for that button as follows:
Add On Click event > Add Submit action: all showing interactions if you want to submit all the interactions on the slide or choose Text Box from the list if you want to submit the text box only.
In the Score and Reporting section of the Text Box, select Press Key for the submit option.

You can also create a reset button by doing the following:
Add a Try again button > Add On Click event > Add Clear User Input: all showing interactions action.

Below is the demo project for your reference.
submit and try again.approj (348 KB)
Hope this helps!

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Thank you. This worked perfectly!

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