Style Report Slide depending on result

Hello altogether,

on the result slide there is a field called “%apQuizPassed%”.

  1. I want to make it green when the user passed the quiz and RED when he failed.

  2. I want a text (“Congratulations”) to appear when he passed.
    And a text (“Please try again”) when he failed.

How can I do this?

Hi Mike,

It’s possible to do that in ActivePresenter.
Please find my answers to your questions as below:

  1. You can use Object States feature to do that.
    You will create two new states for “%apQuizPassed%”. Then, you will set events - actions (use Change Object States action) to make it green/ red when users pass/ fail the test.
  2. You will insert two text captions and set events - actions (use Show Object action) to make it appear when he passes/ fails the test

The events - actions section will look like this:

Please take a look at this sample project. You can preview it to see how it works.
English Quizzes.approj (3.6 MB)

If you have any further questions, please let me know!


Thank you very much.
I got it working so far. :sunglasses:

Where can I change the displayed text of %apQuizPassed%?
I want to change it to “Test passed” respectivley “Test Failed”

Hi Mike,

Thanks for getting back to me.

To change the displayed text to Test Passed/ Test Failed, open the Export tab > Player Settings > Player Language > double click the text in the Value column to change it:

The Player Language section allows you to change the output language as you wish. Please refer to this article for more information: