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Step timeline keyboard keys

Saola Animate version: 3 OS: w10

I tried to find the topic that addressed this question,
but I didn’t find it.

In the timeline we have the control for ( > ) Play, ( l< ) go back for the beginning and ( >l ) go forward for the end.

I can’t find the solution I thought of jumping step by step in frames by simply clicking on the arrow keys.

Am I wrong, will I have to use other keys… ?

Please give me some light on this.


There aren’t any but it was requested here, if you want to add your support for that feature: More timeline keyboard control

With snapping on, the play head can be dragged easily to elements, labels and the grid. I find if I need a specific time code, you can click into different parts of the time box above the timeline and use the up / down or mouse wheel to fine control the position.

Hi Mackavi

Thanks for the suggestions … mouse wheel works fine :slight_smile:

Regards John

Hi mackavi, that is a great tip, I never noticed being able to do that until I read your post reply, thanks!