State "Checked" for images and shapes

Hi all,

Surprisingly, I didn’t find a way to make images or shapes clickable. I tried using the “Change state on click” events, but then I couldn’t reset the state to normal on the second click (multiple images choice).

In Articulate Storyline, the “selected” state is available by default, and there is also a “selected group” option. This allows you to create quizzes and games where you can choose a picture. How can you achieve this in Active Presenter?

When you want to make an object clickable - give this a try.

Select the object on screen and go to the properties panel for that object.
Select the Star icon as shown
Locate your object under the Events - Actions section
Click the plus icon to the right side of your object name
Choose On Click

Afterwards - you can choose what you want to happen when the user clicks the object.

Hopefully this is helpful.

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There are multiple ways to change the states of an image or shape object in ActivePresenter such as using True/False variables, show/hide objects, or Number variables.

Please take a look at the sample project below for more information about the 3 cases of changing states:

Slide 1: Show/Hide Objects


Slide 2: Use the True/False variable to change object states

Slide 3: Use the Number variable to change object states

multiple states.approj (784 KB)