Standardizing mouse click line width when simulation is captured


I have created a .aptheme file which I want colleagues to use on their individual computers.

I could collate most of the elements in the theme files although I want to standardize mouse click solid line width when simulation is captured.

If line width can be set as standard (width=2), my colleagues can save lot of time in numerous places throughout the videos.

Please guide me how to include it in theme file or is there any setting which can be applied globally to ActivePresenter.

Hi Shri,

You can do the following steps:

  1. Adjust the mouse click line width in the Object Settings (View tab > Object Settings).
  2. Save that project as a custom theme (Design tab > click the drop-down arrow at the corner of the theme gallery) > Save Current Themeā€¦.
  3. Use that custom theme for recording.

Besides, after recording, you can also adjust the line width of a mouse click, and then right-click it > Apply to All Mouse Click Objects > Style.



Thanks for quick response. I had forgotten about this setting :slight_smile: