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Spritesheets directly from a sequence of images


I wish Saola Animate could create a sprite sheet directly starting from a sequence of images.
At the moment, my workflow is as follows:

A) Save Blender animation as a sequence of PNG images
B) Import the sequence into Opentoonz and export it as a spritesheet
C) Open spritesheet in Saola Animate

In order to furtherly simplify my workflow, I would like next release of Saola Animate could allow me to cut the step B.

Best Wishes

Hi Tony,

Thank you for your suggestion. We will consider to support it in next releases if we get more requests from users.


Thank you Tuyenluu,

I really hope SA could become an even more powerful app in the next releases.

Have a happy new year!

Hey there, since this topic is written in 2019 I can’t find an option to import a png sequence for example. I guess there were not enough requests in the past. Is there a chance to implement this function in the near future?

Hi Lars,

Unfortunately, we don’t have plan to implement it yet.