Splitting imported audio across slides

After creating a video, I post-process the audio in specialist software to remove clicks and hiss.
I then use video editing software to replace the original audio track with the cleaned one.
(This is something that I could do in AP as I can import the video into a blank slide, mute the original sound and then import the cleaned audio)

However it would be useful if the cleaned audio could be imported back into the original pre-rendered project and automatically split at the end of the existing slides based on the pre-existing durations.

This would also be useful for people wanting to add background music.

Hi Paul,

You can right-click the new inserted audio object (on Timeline or Canvas), and select Play over Multiple Slides > Bottom Layer, don’t need to split the audio across slides.

FYI, in the next major release, ActivePresenter will support audio noise reduction feature. Users will not need to use another software to do it.