Speech to text languages

Are there more languages available than English and French installed per default? How can I add languages?

Hi Xavier,

ActivePresenter just loads any SAPI5 compatible voices installed on your computer.
To add more TTS voices: You can install any SAPI5 compatible voices on your computer and ActivePresenter will detect and load it automatically.

We don’t make TTS voices so you’ll need to find somewhere else.
There are some free voices but good quality voices are almost commercial ones. You can search for SAPI5 voices. There are a lot of good commercial voices from: Neospeech, Nuance, Cepstral, Ivona, RealSpeak, Loquendo, Acapela, VoiceWare, iSpeech

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Installed several speech engines, all SAPI5, but ActivePresenter does not see them!

Hi Alexander,

Could you show me the SAPI5 voices list that you are using? Some SAPI5 voices are hidden by Windows.
However, you can try the following trick to show that voice in ActivePresenter. Note that it is not officially supported, so we are not sure if it can work properly.


Thanks, I figured it out myself.
I installed commercial language engines that work only in their programs. now I’ve installed the free ones, and everything works!
By the way, I found them here, only you need to scroll down the page to find exactly SAPI 5.

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