Specific feedback for each incorrect selection in MCQ

Problem: Is it possible when creating MCQs to create different feedback for each incorrect selection so that the learner gets more specific feedback? I can do this using text variables with ‘incorrect messages’, or by creating multiple feedback layers, but those methods are quite tedious. Have I missed an easier way? With thanks.

ActivePresenter version: 9.0.7

OS: Windows 11


Hi Mike,

This can be achieved by creating multiple feedback layers or by showing/hiding message objects.

However, using text variables with ‘incorrect messages’ seems to be the quickest method of doing so. You add a Text variable and then assign a specific value to it when a radio button is checked in the On Change event of the question.

Please check the sample below for more information.
incorrect feedback messages.approj (388 KB)

Also, do you have any ideas about how to make this more practical for you?

Hi Hang,

Thank you for responding and providing a project that illustrates the solution using text variables.

I used a similar approach, but with a separate text variable for each incorrect item (in each MCQ), so that quite specific feedback would be displayed in response to different incorrect selections. Giving specific feedback that helps the learner to understand why their answer is incorrect is considered to be very useful for learning.

Item-specific hints for MCQs can be easily be entered in AP. I wonder if item-specific feedback could be entered in the same way, to be displayed if the learner selected those incorrect options. It would be far easier for the developer to be able to enter item-specific feedback messages in that way than to have to use a large number of variables (or perhaps an array). I think that would be a valuable addition to the features of AP.

With thanks again for your response and for AP - it is a unique and excellent tool.

Hi Mike,

I appreciate your suggestion and your thorough explanation.

Another method may be useful for you in this case is to use object states for each incorrect feedback message. Please refer to the sample attached below for more information.

volcano (2).approj (1.8 MB)

Have a great day!

Thank you Hang.

That is a much simpler, more versatile, and more-user friendly solution to the problem. I will experiment with that method and get back if I have any other questions.

Many thanks for the very helpful ideas.

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