Doc on Quizz Responses?

Is there any documentation on a way to access Quizz Answers and Feedback and Responses layers ?
Objective is to create specific screens to complete good answers.

ActivePresenter version:




All the quiz answers in ActivePresenter are accessible by selecting the answer area of a question, then navigating to the Score & Reporting section in the Interactivity tab of the Properties pane.

As each question type has its own settings for correct answers, you can see details for each type on the Tutorial page: ActivePresenter 9 Tutorials - Atomi Systems, Inc..

ActivePresenter automatically adds default feedback layers in events and actions for questions. You can modify feedback layers via the View tab > Feedback Master.
For more information about Feedback Layers, please refer to this tutorial:


Thank you for your answer and the different links that have been useful :+1:
But I didn’t find 2 answers :
Q1 : how can we associate one specific Feedback Master to a slide, or question, or presentation ?
Q2 : how can we personalize a Feedback Response Layer with attended answers ? For exemple for a sequence quizz is it possible to give to the learner the items well placed, with their associated text ? (not like show responses, which is simple but not very clear for our users)
Thanks in advance.

Hi @pbouille,

Thanks for your response.

Q1: Feedback layers associate with a question, a slide, or a presentation via events - actions. For example, a question has default actions to show feedback layers:
Q2: To personalize a feedback response with attended answers, you can modify the built-in feedback layers or add more feedback layers in Feedback Master, and then show them by using the Show Feedback Layer action for the On Correct/On Incorrect event as in the image above.

Specifically for Sequence questions, grouping multiple shapes in the correct order and then showing/hiding them can be a quick way to show specific feedback responses.
feedback.approj (340 KB)

For other question types having checkboxes/radio buttons such as Multiple Choice questions, you can use object states for shapes and show/hide actions as in this example:

Hope this clarifies.

Thank you :+1: Hang, but…
Q1:if we have more than one Feedback Masters (and their layers) in a project, how can we choose one of them in calling actions/events ?

Q2:I will have a look on these examples :thinking:, thank’s a lot, but I think I have these ideas, but I would have a solution to access incorrect items in a sequence to show only these one n a forward layer. I think Active Presenter can access them because “Show responses” work with this…I would write a feedback more explicit than “Show responses” with only crosses and red/green color. (and a different than specialization “ojejcts setting”.

Sure, go ahead and give it a try and see if it’s effective for you.

Regarding Q1, if you have multiple Feedback Masters, you will also have multiple Slide Masters. The feedback layer you use will rely on the Slide Master of the slide you add.

So, let me see if I understand well your answer for Q1 :face_with_peeking_eye:
You mean (I haven’t seen or read this anywhere) that there are as many Slide masters than Feedback masters, and they are associated automatically one to one : that’s correct ?

Yes, that’s correct. The slides in the normal view, the slide master, and the feedback master are associated with one another.


Ok Thanks. There’s a difference not documented : We can choose Slide master(S-M) for each slide, but the association S-M / F-M (feedback master) is fixed, automatic.

For Q2, an other explanation of what i need is :
How can I access correct answers in a quizz ? (with javascript and Prez.object’s manipulation)
Thanks in advance.

Would you mind providing additional details regarding your inquiry so that we can provide more effective assistance? It would be useful if you could provide an image, video, or project that demonstrates the issue. You can either upload the files here or send them via email to


Here it is !
In this quizz with 2 “vertical” sequences, I only use “Show responses” here, to develop fast as a POC.
Finally I want to show feedback with explanation on only wrong answers, identified by values, here “D” , "F"and “ED” in the first column.
Any idea or soultion ?
Example : In my mind it could be great to get access on such [in]correct property for sequence1.item2.correct.
Thank’s for taking time on my needs.

Hi @pbouille ,

Thank you for your reply.

Currently it’s not possible to use JavaScript to get the correct/incorrect answers’ information. This is a feature we have added to the To-do list, but we haven’t had a specific plan in place for its implementation yet.


Ok. Thank you for your answer.
This evolution would be very helpful, and perhaps not so dfficult to develop because the system has got all informations, that are user to “Show responses”.