Specific element event triggers when jumping into scene without mouse enter on it

Problem: Hi, I have this scene which includes a map made of freeform elements (each region of the map is a freeform I draw) and each region also has a text on top with the region name and each name has this event handler of MOUSE ENTER which triggers the region (the freeform) of its corresponding name to change color. now, this may be a bug but not sure - when I jump into the map scene from the previous scene one of the regions (always the same one) changes color without the MOUSE ENTER on it. what can I be doing wrong? of course I checked there is no auto advance in this region timeline.
When I actually enter the mouse in this element and then MOUSE LEAVE it the color goes away and everything is fine, but of course I would like to fix this.

hope I was clear, thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Saola Animate version:



Hi Deborah,

Could you please share your project package (File > Save As > Package) so we can take a look at?


hi, finally I solved it just removing the event handler and then adding it again :slight_smile:

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Hi Deborah,

Thanks for getting back to us.
It’s great to know that you solve the issue by yourself.