Some sounds are not played on Edge

Hi !
I have a strange problem : I had differents sounds in my project, that are played at some buttons clicks. But on the project preview or on the HTML5 export, only with Edge as browser (no problem with Chrome and Firefox),
if too many sounds have been played, after a while, they won’t play anymore.

I noticed in the debug console that when some sounds are played, there are some few errors :


Position (8,5944) returns to the middle of slplayer.js :

Regards !

Saola Animate version: 2.0.3
OS: Windows 10

Hi Remi,

Maybe your project contains some sounds that Edge doesn’t support so the NotSupportedError occurs.
About the AbortError, it usually occurs when media is set to play then pause when it doesn’t start playing yet.
If it’s possible, please share your project package for further checking.