Software Simulation with Full Audio

Problem: I need to record a Software Simulation where I will talk about a web service for a company and record full audio. I would prefer to use the Software Simulation recording option, because it automatically inserts textboxes for me.
My problem is this option is not always recording full audio when I do this. If I record a project as a video then it records audio. Is there a way I can record a web service presentation that inserts textboxes for me and also full audio?

ActivePresenter version: Latest (I downloaded it today)

OS: Windows 10

Notes: My microphone is working, I tested it with Skype

Hi George,

It would be helpful if you can share project having the issue and its external data folder named in the PROJECT_FILE_files to so that we can check
If these files are large, you can upload them to a cloud storage site like Google Drive then send the download link to us.

Also, we recommend that you can try recording audio in editing phase. To do that, open the Inset tab > Audio > Create New.
Then navigate to the Properties pane > Media tab > Audio section > click Record.
For more detail, please see this article:



I have recorded a quick video and added it to my Google Drive using Software Simulation.

I then rerecorded the same video using the Record Video option. In this version there is more audio that gets recorded. This audio should have been part of the first file but was not recorded by the program.

Hi George,

Thanks for sharing the samples. Did you mean the audio problem (unwanted extra silence) from second 6 - 8 in the first slide?


Hi phuongdv,

No, I mean all the audio that is meant to be recorded in the first file (Software Simu) is not recorded compared to the 2nd file, where I recorded the same presentation / instruction

Hi George,

In this recording mode, the recorded audio is split into multiple parts corresponding to slides.
You need to select Preview all (see the below screenshot) to view all parts.


Thank you I see where my mistake was.