Software Sim Recording Does not recording the button being clicked?

Problem: when I record a software sim, it does not recording the clicks correctly. I used to be able to record a button being clicked (the button lights up - it would capture the light up), it does not do this anymore and this is seriously a massive pain as now my software recording is extremely innacurate?

ActivePresenter Version: Version 8.0.4 (Released: 2020.03.25) Pro Edition

OS: Windows


Hi Tanya,

If ActivePresenter captures the light up state of the button being clicked, it will be come a hint for the learners when they take the test.
Most users don’t want this side effect, so in version 8 we add the Advanve Sceenshot Capture option in Recording Settings dialog to adjust the time when the screenshot is captured.
You can set it to 0 to capture the light up state.