Slides Broken Out in Timeline View

Good day, all;

Could someone please tell me what this view is and/or means in the timeline? Why and how did the slides all break up along the top row? It has happened to me a few times now accidentally (i.e., I don’t know what I did to make it happen and I don’t know why it’s there :joy:) and the only way I can make it go away is to save, close and reopen the project.

It isn’t an issue, but I am curious if it’s some great function that I’m not taking advantage of :wink:.


Hi @samamara,

It’s the mode that shows all slides in Timeline.
You can click the first button in the Timeline toolbar to toggle between this mode and the single slide mode.



Thanks for that @ToanLS - now I understand how I was accidentally getting that view once in a while.

Can you tell me a benefit of having this view? Is it just to get an overall perspective of the project or…? Is there any other special reason why someone would work in this view?


Good morning @samamara,

The All Slides mode allows you to show all slides in the Timeline pane, which is useful to see the objects that span across multiple slides.
For instance, you can see how your audio/video or any object is shown across slides. Then, you can drag to adjust that object duration quickly or preview all the slides on the Timeline.


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Thanks @PhuongThuy_Le - that helps give some perspective of why I would want or need to use this view from time to time!

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