Slide name rename

We need slide number rename. I am working very often with IDs that use different naming like Slide 5a, 5b, 5c and right now is very hard to navigate during the production process.

Right now we can not change the name below the thumbnail of the slide. We got only numbers.



You can change the name of the slide by entering the text into the Name box:

Regarding slide number rename, we will consider this feature and try to support it if there are more requests from users.


Hi, thanks for your reply.

As I mentioned before “Right now we can not change the name below the thumbnail of the slide. We got only numbers”.

When you work on the project you do not have enough time to click thru the slide properties pane. To see the correct name you have to open properties pane and click. You have to do it on eeeevery single slide which is time-consuming. It’s all about speed and a good workflow.

If you could rename the thumbnail you can change the name of slides and keep Modules naming convention. For instance:


check the screen below.


To make the renaming process faster, you can select Slides in Titles view to display only the name of the slide, like in the following image:

image .
Thanks to that, you do not need to click through each slide.

Regarding renaming the thumbnail, we’ll consider it. Thanks for your suggestion.


very nice Tip but still if you use this view you can’t see the thumbnails :slight_smile: and if you use thumbnails you can’t see the names of the slides, just numbers. Anyway, this is just an idea to improve the workflow. To me, it’s important to see the thumbnail and have a possibility to change the name of the slide below the thumbnail :slight_smile:


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The slide renaming is too complex. I don´t need all the text format stuff, but I´d love to have “rename slide” in a way that´s easier to access.
Today, I need to change do “slides in titles”, change the name (in a window that offers to many options", than go back to the original slide view.
A simples text field, acessible by the context menu or F2 (usual key in Windows) would accelarate my work a lot.

Hi Hans,

Thanks for your feedback.
We will try to improve this in the future updates.


In continuation to topic, while using Go to slide event on buttons or text, drop down shows only name. Slide number. slide name will be much useful. Because when we use slide view, we visually see slide number to be linked to. This will help @bergerfilm as well, I guess :slight_smile: