Sleep mode override

Hi all, this is my first post. I can’t find any info or posts about Active Presenter features regarding my most recent issue. I was exporting a Skype video recording on my new laptop. The sleep mode kicked in and stopped (not paused) the process from happening. It was a bit annoying as this process takes a while and I walked away for some time thinking it was all happening whilst I was doing other things. Silly me.

I have found a small program that is supposed to prevent the sleep mode setting from kicking in, but this seems like it should be a setting in the program to overcome this issue. Backup programs seem to have this feature built in. Also, I want to keep using the sleep mode.

Question: Is there a setting in the program to prevent or override the laptop sleep mode when exporting/saving a video recording? Thanks in advance.

Hi Paul,

Unfortunately, the current version of ActivePresenter doesn’t support this. We will try to implement it in the future update.


Okay, thanks for that info. I have found a small program called " Insomnia" so I will use it until this feature is built in. Thanks again.