SL3 as a webcam

sorry, force of habit… I mean, hello everyone.
my new friends I felt in love with the software! However, it seems I can’t add an external camera to it!
or can I? I’m trying to record the screen and my video from a Canon SL3 in different tracks… it doesn’t even offer the chance to say talk about this other camera :frowning:

Could anyone give a hand? please? :slight_smile:

Lots of love!

Hi Vitor,

I don’t have a Canon SL3 to check but I see this guide on YouTube: How to Use the Canon SL3 as a Webcam - YouTube

Hope this helps.

I know this video :slight_smile: the Activepresenter doesn’t show as a source of video :frowning:
Captura de tela 2021-08-26 114812

Hi Vitor,

It seems the Webcam driver of SL3 doesn’t support the new Windows Media Foundation API.
It was discussed in this thread: Unable to select OBS Studio Virtual Camera - ActivePresenter / Support Questions - ATOMI Community (
Unfortunately, there is no solution for this problem now.