Skipping in Preview/HTML Player no longer possible?

I am using version 7.5.1 of Active Presnter, on a Dell Laptop, running Windows 10.

Since the Update to version 7.5.1 the ability to ‘skip forward or backwards’ in the Preview Player AND the HTML Outputs is no longer possible. Currently when you use the Export Tab > HTML5 Preview, any of the Project Types (Demonstration/Tutotiral etc) will publish a Preview that, when playing via the HTML5 Output (regardless of the Browser) does not recognise the mouse clicking the Player timeline when trying to Skip forward. The same problem occurs when trying to undertake the same action using the Export > Player Settings function. The Screenshot below targets the Timeline function I’m referring to:

Is there a reason for this? In an editing tool, when creating Simulations, the ability to quickly preview a Simulation, and skip forward, via clicking the Timeline at the appropriate point required, is critical.

Hi Aaron,

Please make sure that the Navigation option in the Player Settings is set to Free as shown in the screenshot below




Literally just noticed this before you replied.

It was set to ‘None’; which I think is the default. Did it always default to ‘None’? I never had to adjust this prior to the update.

Thanks for your response!


Its default value is Backward Only for Test mode, and Free for three other modes (Demo, Tutorial, Practice).
I’m not sure why it was set to None in your case.
Please try creating new projects to see if it’s set correctly.