Skip feedback screen between quiz questions?

ActivePresenter version: 9.0.6 64bit, release 2023.01.18

OS: Windows 10

I’m loving ActivePresenter so far. I’m just running into a snag when making a quiz. After submitting every answer in the quiz I get a feedback dialogue box where you have to click an extra button before moving on to the next question. I’d rather that the quiz went directly to the next question when the user clicks the submit button. Is there a way to do that?


Thank you for your nice words.
As you can see, a feedback layer appears after you submit a question. That’s because of the default events - actions are set up in the ActivePresenter questions.
But if you don’t want to click on the button in the feedback layer, you can change the questions’ settings.
In other words, to achieve your desire, just customize the events - actions of ActivePresenter questions.
I would like to instruct you the quickest way to do that then you can save the settings and reuse across projects.
Here are the steps:

That’s all. I also attach the related tutorials, please take a look at them to understand deeper.
Enjoy your day,

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Hi Thuy,

Thank you very much for the detailed reply. It worked perfectly!

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