Size of slplayer.js

Problem: Exported slplayer.js file are very large

Saola Animate version: 3.1.2

OS: Windows 10

When I export a test file (980x240px) to an HTML5 banner, the slplayer.js file becomes very large (177kb). It should be noted that I have not added any animations - its only a static scene with seven images in it. The resources (images) weigh a total of 109kb. When exported it results in a folder that weighs a total of 309kb - which is far too large for an HTML5 banner.

Is there any way to compress the slplayer.js file, or other alternatives to reduce its size?

Hi Erik,

The slplayer.js file is large because it supports all features of Saola Animate, not just the features used in a particular project.
If your problem is the file size limitation of your ads platform, please check if they count the gzip size and if they exclude CDN-hosted libs?
To use the CDN-hosted slplayer.js file, please select Edit HTML in Document pane, and replace {$playerURL} in the HTML Output editor with the following slplayer.js file (for Saola Animate 3.1.2):

FYI, this is the recommendation about ads file size (gzip compressed) from IAB:


Unfortunately, it won’t work as the platform I deliver banners to requires the js-file to be included in the zip-file and not via CDN.

Is there any plan to make the js file more adaptable to the type of content being created?

For my part, I’m trying to find a user-friendly Windows program to create banners in - and where Saola checks all the points so far - except when exporting.

Hi Erik.

We’ll consider and check if it’s feasible to make the player js file adaptable to the content, but I can’t make any promises about this feature now.