Site navigation problem

Sorry to open this topic here, but I wouldn’t know where to place it… but I’ve been finding it difficult to navigate here on the site for a while now.
When I click on the links nothing happens! I always have to right click and open in a new window.
To write a comment the submit keys don’t work. I even try to change browsers but I don’t solve anything…
I don’t understand if it is my problem or your site’s problem.

Hi Betty,

Thank you for reporting the issue.

Could you kindly share a video that illustrates the problem? Additionally, please let us know the OS and browser you are using.


Hi Hang, I have attached the video.
Firstly you will be able to see that it doesn’t give me the option to login. This happens from Google Chrome, I can login from Firefox.
And after that I try to click on some links but they don’t open, I have to open them in a new window in order to view the pages.
Then blank pages open and the links in the left menu don’t work.
The problem of inactive links occurs on the two browsers I use, Google Chrome and Firefox.
The strange thing is that it doesn’t happen with all links…
My operating system is:
MacOs Ventura 13.2.1

Thank you for your detailed information.

We have conducted tests on the same browser and operating system like yours, but have not encountered the issues you mentioned. In order to investigate it further, we would like to reach out to the third party responsible for developing the Community app. Would it be possible for us to use the information you provided (issue description, screenshots, videos) to make a public inquiry on their community platform?

Best regards,

Hi Hang,
you can use the information provided, I just changed the login video by obscuring my email address.
Thank you for your help

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Hi Betty,

Here is the suggestion from the Discourse team (the team that develops this Community site). Please follow the advised steps to see if it helps:

The issue stems from the extension of the translation plugin installed in their browser, causing a problem. If the user opens the developer console, they will almost certainly encounter this error: Failed to execute 'removeChild' on 'Node': The node to be removed is not a child of this node. I suggest advising them to try accessing the site using an anonymous window with all browser extensions disabled. This should resolve the problem. If they face no issues in anonymous mode, they will need to deactivate the extension or refrain from using it on the Discourse site to prevent the error. However, if they wish to continue using it, they will have to refresh the site every time they want to perform an action, which is evidently inconvenient.

The underlying issue lies in the fact that these translation features/extensions (and some others, such as spellchecking extensions) alter the app’s HTML structure, while frameworks like Ember rely on that structure remaining unchanged without their knowledge.


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Hi Hang,
I thought I should delete the downloaded extension for translation, I had always used it and it never gave me any problem. But then after deleting it I still had the same problem.
Then in Chrome’s settings I saw that it has a translation app built into the browser itself, so I disabled it, and now the site works fine.
I sincerely thank you for solving this problem, and especially for giving me your valuable time.

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