Show responses in the quiz is not working well. The font size is too small and learners have to go back to the first page

The font size of the correct and incorrect is too small to read. It is better to have larger font size. Also, learners have to go back to the first page to review answers. Review function should be changed to the quiz and not the whole presentation.


Thank Monica for providing us with your feedback regarding the font size and review functionality in ActivePresenter. We greatly appreciate that, as it helps us improve our software better.

At the current time, if you prefer a larger font size, you can go to the Feedback Master and customize it freely. Then, save the project as a custom theme and reuse across project. Please see detail at: How to Save and Use Custom Themes in ActivePresenter 9

Regarding the Review function, this depend on users’ needs. To go to the quiz instead of reviewing the whole presentation, you can add an action to go back to a specific slide as the image below:


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