Show in Mode preset for layers

Problem: Can I configure or preset Show in Mode in a file or a template?
I want,
Tutorial: Uncheck cursor movement layer and audio layer.
Demo: Check cursor movement layer and audio layer.

Can this be preset and done automatically? May be using Preferences or file properties or somewhere in AP.

Now, what happens is - visit every slide and check or uncheck respective layers which is tedious and time taking.

ActivePresenter version: 8.1.1


Hi Shri,

It’s possible to do that.

You can select an audio object/ a cursor path on the Canvas > select/ deselect the mode that you want to display/ hide. Then, right-click it > Apply to All Audio Objects/ Cursor Paths > Show In Mode:

Besides, you can open the View tab > Object Settings > select Cursor Path > select the modes that you want > then close Settings View.


Thank you so much Yen!

I will try this out. will be of great help.