Show a tick next to the correct answer

Problem: How can I show tick or cross next to the correct and incorrect answer that the student chose in a randomized multiple choice question (where options are random?) is there any way to get the javascript value of the chosen and the correct answer?

ActivePresenter version: 9


If you want to show the tick or cross next to the answers in multiple choice questions, just add the Show Responses action to the On Click event of the question Submit button.
Then, after submitting the question, it will look like as the image below:

Hope that it addresses your concern.
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I didn’t know this lol thank you. Any way to customize the tick and the cross icons and where they appear?

It is not possible to customize the tick, the cross icon, and the position they appear.
However, you can design your own question or feedback layers.
Use Show/Hide Object action in the On Correct, On Incorrect event of the question to show/hide the correct/incorrect images at any position you want.
In addition, you can customize the question feedback layers to show the icon or information.
Watching the video tutorials below may give you more ideas, I believe.

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Hi Aytug,

This is not an official way, but you can replace these icons in the HTML5 template folders of the program. For example: C:\Program Files\ATOMI\ActivePresenter\templates\html5\skin\Modern-Thin\player\images

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Oh, thank you so much!