Share player folder resource

Problem: I’m creating multiple HTML Exports that are going onto a single website. What is the best folder structure to use to share resources (like the player folder)

  1. The files in the resources folder seem to be randomly created names, so is it possible that two different exports create the same name file that is placed in the resources folder? If that is the case, I cannot combine files in the resources folder from two different exports. But if I put two resources folders on the website, I need to differentiate which project they go to, so where do I need to make the change to look to a uniquely named resources folder? (or is it possible)

  2. Can the player folder be shared by all exports? If so, I need to resolve item 1 above in order to do that.

  3. OR do I need to create multiple unique parent folders for each export and inside those folders put the completely exported html file structure including duplicating the player and resources folders under every parent folder?

ActivePresenter Version: Required. 8

OS: Required. Windows 10

Notes: I’m trying to limit the number of uploads, by sharing some resources (i.e. Does the player folder/player files really need to be uploaded to a website for every unique export created (assume I want the players’ skins and settings to be consistent across all players?)

Hi Terry,

You can share the player folder for any HTML5 output that uses the same player skins and settings.
The resource folder contain specific resources for each output so it can’t be shared. All outputs can have the same resource folder with different prefixes for resource filenames, but it’s not recommended.

I think in your case, you can use the following folder structure:

To do that, you can click Settings button in Export To HTML5 dialog > General tab > Output section and change the Player folder:

For more information about these settings, please see Exporting to HTML5 section in the user manual.