Setting the Clock: A Practice Module

Here is a fun project that would be aimed at students in the lower grades.

It is an interactive analog clock meant to provide an opportunity to practice telling time by placing the hands in the correct position. The hour hand will snap to 30 degree increments as you drag it and the minute hand will snap to 6 degree increments as you drag it. There is no need to try setting the hour hand between numbers in this version, though, this could be modified in such a way to provide the additional challenge.

Feedback is provided but there is no scoring. Scoring and attempt tracking would be something that could be added for additional interest. The project does generate random times to allow for unlimited practice.


Set the Clock Activity

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Thank @gregs for sharing another amazing project created with ActivePresenter :grinning:

Human creativity is limitless and what you are doing is an example. Based on that, other members of the Community can adapt and adjust for specific lessons they made.
We always welcome you to share more and more interesting ideas.

Once again, thank you, and have a nice week ahead.
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Thank you, @PhuongThuy_Le - it was a fun and practical example to build.