Setting text entry solutions through JS

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is it possible to set the solutions for a text entry field through JS?



I’m sorry that I’m not fully getting your point. Please try searching for “Text entry” in the community to see if there are any topics about Text entry that are similar to yours. Or, could you please provide us with more information about your case so we can offer better assistance?


Thanks, Hang,

I would like to have a text entry question in my slide that is variable.
For instance, I would use an array

prez.answers = ["answer1", "answer2", ..., "answerX"]

An answer would be randomly picked from this array and then be the correct answer for my text entry question at this particular point.

So, essentially, I only want one text-entry object in my slide, which I can fill will different correct answers, similar to a shape, which I can fill a variable text through


Is there a similar property for the ‘text-entry-question’ object?

Did I explain better what I want?

Best, rolf

Thank you, Rolf, for providing such comprehensive information.

This functionality is not posible within ActivePresenter either. Should you require additional insights, kindly refer to this thread along with the linked discussion: Text Entry Correct Value Script

Have a nice day!

Thanks, Hang

I think that should work fine.

Sorry for not seeing the thread you pointed me to earlier!
Best, Rolf

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