Setting frames per second rate in Saola Animate

Maybe I’m missing something, but is there any way to set the fps rate of a project? The only ‘fps’ entries in the manual are for animations, and I can’t see anything obvious in the program interface.

Hi John,

Saola Animate doesn’t allow setting animation frame rate but will try to keep it as high as possible.
The frame rate mostly depends on the content, animation types, and the device performance.
On desktop, the frame rate is usually about 60 fps.


thanks for the speedy reply! At the moment the timeline is playing very sluggishly, with very few (and quite small) resources, so I’m a bit concerned that I need to speed it up and there is no way to set the fps. Hmm.


Which browser do you use to play the animation?
Do you use shadow effect for your elements?
You can share your project package to for checking.


Default browser is Microsoft Internet Explorer. I’m not using any shadow effects. Shall I send the project to you as a zip file?

Internet Explorer is too old, please check with other browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Edge.
You can select File > Save As > Package and send the package to out support email.