Setting a timer to start and finish a recording

I’d like to know how can I establish a starting time for a recording a program or a webinar that will happen in the near future, and also to establish a finish time for the same recording. And if possible to save it at the same time.


For your information, ActivePresenter hasn’t supported scheduling the start and finish time for recording, currently. Users have to start or stop recording manually, instead.
That’s because ActivePresenter wasn’t meant to be used like a screen recorder alone. It was designed for creating high-quality training videos with more emphasis on editing capabilities.

Hope it clarifies.


But since it’s also a screen recorder, and a very good one, I think it necessitates to add that feature in the next version: enabling scheduling for recordings. It’s a pity that it has not been considered before.

Thank you

Thank you for your suggestion, @bhima.
We understand your interest in having scheduling functionality for recordings but as you may know, ActivePresenter is an all-in-one eLearning authoring tool, screen recorder, and video editor. It provides a wide range of other helpful features.
Your suggestion has been noted down and our development team will discuss more about it.