Set PPT playback according to the practice

Based on the memory game example, I reduced the card to six, but when I flip all the cards, the PPT does not jump to the next one. I hope you can tell me how to automatically jump to the next PPT after all the cards are flipped.
I am still a newbie and thank you for your help.

Also, is there a tutorial for making a “Millionaire” game?

Hi Yuanyuan,

Can you please share the project so we can check?
Regarding the Millionaire game, please take a look at



Sorry, I don’t understand that what you said is a link to the exercise interface?

I mean the approj file. The above link only works on your computer, it is not available through the Internet.


memory-game.approj (1.1 MB)

Please update the score in JavaScript as below:

You can download the updated project below:

memory-game.approj (1.1 MB)


Wow, thank you so much, I know nothing about this.