Sequence Question

Hello, I prepared a sorting question.
I get the wrong answer when there is a word made up of the same letters in the question.
Actually, this is a process that does not fit the sequence question structure I did. But I need a question like this, how else can I go about it. I will make a question like this but there are many words with repeating letters :slight_smile:
Can you help?

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Thank you for your request.

We will consider implementing this if there are more requests from users.
You can currently use drag-n-drop questions instead.

Best regards,

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Drag-n-drop it’s not exactly what I need, thanks anyway. But I’m very happy to do what I want, I’m looking forward to it.


Drag Drag in this type of question does not meet our needs. I also demand it too!


Yeah, It would be nice to have this functionality… I can see how useful it could be.


That would be wonderful! Thank you! :pray:


I like Active Presenter products. We’ve used storyline and captivate before, but Active presenter is the best. If this question type and similar question types are made, my appreciation will increase even more. We are also waiting for an update as soon as possible. You’re late :slight_smile:

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