Send score to LMS

Problem: I have a project where users only have to view the slides using the next and back buttons on the toolbar and at the end I want to give them a score of 100 but I can’t find the way through the system variables nor through the topics that are in the user community. How could I do it?

ActivePresenter version: 9.1.1

OS: Windows 10


You may need to use scripts to archive your desire.
Please refer to this thread Custom score and success - #2 by ToanLS to get the answer to your question.

In your case, you just need to fix the score and maxScore functions in the sample scripts.
You can add a variable and set its value as 100 in the last slide On Load event.

Hope it helps.

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Thank you so much.

I was looking for an API Wrapper and lmsAPI Javascript, but this is perfect.

Thanks for your help.

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