Send report to LMS without ending presentation


Hello I have various projects in which the examinee should be thanked for his participation at the end of the presentation. However, since the SCORM report to the LMS seems to be only sent with “end presentation”, it is very common for examinees to close the page beforehand. => The whole test is lost and the customer is angry.

How can I send the report manually after answering the last question, WITHOUT ending the presentation?

Thanks for your help.


For your information, the score and learner response for each question in ActivePresenter are sent to the LMS by default. Therefore, if the learner closes the test beforehand, these data cannot be lost, as you mentioned. Only the Completion and Success status need the presentation to be ended and sent to the LMS.

If you want to manually send these statuses after answering the last question without ending the presentation, you can consider the following methods:

  1. Set the duration of the last slide very short (about a few hundred milliseconds) so that when the learner reaches this slide, the presentation ends before closing the browser.
  2. Submit the last question and add two more actions: End Presentation and Execute JavaScript: prez.pauseAll(false); The JavaScript action is used to resume the presentation after the End Presentation action occurs.

We recommend using the first method, as it doesn’t require adjusting the actions.

Hope this helps

Hi and thanks for your quick answer,

Of course, I meant the Completion state, thanks for correctig this. I just called it report, sorry.
To make this clearer: I have quizes, which end after - lets say - the 3rd slide, the presentation itself has 10 slides. How can I set/send the quiz-complete state after the 3rd slide without END the presentation?

(background: when a quiz is done, most of the companies want to say “thank you for participation” and please also consider taking part in other activities…and stuff like that, which is very often skipped by the examinees, by closing the tab, because they already took the “important part”)


Using the second method that I mentioned above can help solve your problem.
Kindly note that if you export your presentation in Test mode, the Navigation should be Free (Export tab > Player Settings) so that learners can easily move to the next slide if they want after they have completed the questions.

Sample project for your reference:
navigation free in test mode.approj (536 KB)

Alternatively, you can add a Next button on the last question slide, allowing learners to click on it to proceed. next button.approj (1.3 MB)