Scrolling between slides

Problem: When I click in the scroll in the Sliders section, the scroll is less smooth and it moves weird (this not happens in AP 7).

ActivePresenter Version: 8.0.0

OS: Windows 8


Can you please provide a short video for the issue so we can understand the problem exactly?


Thanks for the video.
We will check and fix this problem soon.


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Hi, I have an issue in the slides window too. The content is shredded into horizontal bars during scrolling. Check the pic

Hi Karel,

Can you please tell does this issue happen with every project or just a specific one? If it happens with only one project, please share it so we can check. You can email it to


there is a small progress. After uninstalling the app and fresh install, I have a solid blue instead of horizontal bars.
I have noticed, that the right window (sound library) behaves the same.

All projects are acting like this. My company colleagues dont have this issue. We have tested 3 instances of AP.

Thanks for your information.

Have you updated to the latest version of ActivePresenter (v8.3.2)? Can you please try turning ON/OFF the option at ActivePresenter > Preferences > Miscellaneous > Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering, then restart the program to see if it helps?


I tried to install the version 7.5.15. It works without this issue. Then I upgraded the app via the internal upgrade feature… the issue reappears, now with different effects in the windows during scrolling. The switch to software rendering didnt help either.

Can you please share the log of ActivePresenter so we can analyze further? To view the log, click ActivePresenter > Preferences > Miscellaneous > View Log.


Here is the log from the application.

There is a small progress (by some miracle) and the view is shredded only during the continuous scrolling. It is ok now when I move the mousewheel only by one or two dents. I am ok with this current situation.

Thanks for your information.
Unfortunately, we could not find out any reason from the log.
Can you please try uninstalling the graphics driver then installing it again to see if the problem still persists?


I am sorry, I cannot due to the company policy.