Scorm upload always fail status after completing the course

Problem: Uploading scorm file to eLearning system and after completing the slide course it always get failed status. In presentation there’s no scoring no reporting. The task just go over all slides and close the window. I might do something wrong when exporting the file?

ActivePresenter version: 8.5.8

OS: Windows



Could you please send your project and its external data folder named in the pattern PROJECT_FILE_files (if any) via so we can check?
If the files are large, you can upload them to a cloud storage site like Google Drive and then send the download link to us.


Unfortunately, I can not share my particular project because of the privacy policy, it is an internal learning course. But, I did not find in manual specific settings or instructions on how to compose slides so they would work on the Elearning system by uploading scrom file. Or if I am mistaken please point me to the right page in manual.

Here is the simple project I created in some way that represents my previous and it also fails when you complete it. I also tested it in Scorm cloud and after completing it рофы status of incomplete and failed (1.8 MB)

These are debugging logs from scorm cloud

Hi Ruslan,

The success status is set to passsed/failed only if the learner completes the lesson.
In your case, the last slide’s Auto Advance property is not set so the lesson is paused at the end.
You can see that completion_status is incomplete and success_status is unknown from the debugging log.

Please make sure your lesson doesn’t pause at the last slide so it can be completed and recognized as passed/failed:

  • Last slide Auto Advance in Properties > Slide Properties tab > General section should be checked.
  • All interactive objects in the last slide should have Pause presentation to wait for user input option (In Properties > Interactivity tab) unchecked.

Another method is adding an End Presentation action to a button in the last slide, and require the learner to click on that button to complete the lesson.
In your sample, you can add this action before the JavaScript action (window.close();) in “Finish the course” button.

In addition, you may need to adjust the Pass Condition in Export To SCORM dialog. It’s the criteria to determine if the learner passed or failed:

If there’s no scoring in your lesson, the total score in percentage is considered as 100%, so you can keep the default pass condition “percents of correct answers not less than 80”.


Thank you sooooo much…. I turned of auto advanced options in order for slides to stop after timing end… appreciate your help