SCORM not playing correcting in LMS

Problem: We are looking into ActivePresenter for creation of our training content at my employer. I am attempting to create a course that would be a software demonstration with review questions at the end. When I’m uploading into our LMS (we use BAI), I am having trouble accomplishing both things. I can upload just the demo or just the test SCORM files separately into two courses, but not together. If I try to add two, it only plays the second one. I also tried exporting without checking Export each operation mode to a separated package on the eLearning tab but then it will not advance pass through the demo without clicking each place that was clicked during the recording. I’m new to SCORM and xAPI so I may not be choosing something correctly. Any help is appreciated!

ActivePresenter version: 8.5.5

OS: Windows



Actually, we don’t have any account on BAI, so we can’t test.
However, other LMSs, for example Moodle, allow you to upload one SCORM package that includes multiple modes, or two separated packages for each mode of the same course.
Using Moodle, you can select one mode from a dropdown list. See the image below for information:

Therefore, regarding this issue, you can contact BAI for information.

Besides, you can consider putting the demo and quiz into one course. See the attached sample for details.
create-and-manage-an-order-in-odoo.approj (3.9 MB)


I’ve tried putting both in one course but it will either populate the questions with the answer selected (not as an actual question, just like a powerpoint slide), or make you click through every click in the demo…


Could you share your account information or create a new one, then share with us via so that we can check?
If it’s impossible, please give us a video that illustrates the problem you are facing.