Scorm is not completing or success

help! my scorm export is not allowing a complete or successful end to the course. not sure what I’m doing wrong.
this is the debugger log from scorm cloud:

Shot in the dark here… but you don’t happen to have some sort of pause element or something at the end of your project that might prevent that completion event from happening?

there are no actions on the last slide. and no auto advance. I don’t know why it won’t register the module as complete.

I ran into this too a while back. Was trying to remember what I did.

I do not use auto advance - always have my own custom navigation.
I found that on my very last slide I had to activate the auto advance so that the project could complete.

I would suggest giving that a try.

Hi @bpalmer14 ,

Based on your Debug log, we see that you’re using SCORM 1.2. The log only shows the lesson_status set once when opening. So, it’s highly likely that it stopped at the last slide as Mr.Greg said.
If you need our assistance, you can send your project to our support email address so we can check.


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Thank you Greg and Phuong, adding the auto advance to the last slide seems to have worked!