SCORM and Moodle

Problem: Exporting as SCORM 1.2 package, 28/30 slides viewed as condition for completion, Moodle never consider it as completed. Condition on Moodle is as showed on attached image.

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you.

ActivePresenter version: 8.3.1

OS: Win 10



Please make sure your lesson doesn’t pause at the last slide so it can be completed:

  • In the last slide, Auto Advance in Properties > Slide Properties tab > General section should be checked.
  • All interactive objects in the last slide should have “Pause presentation to wait for user input” option (In Properties > Interactivity tab) unchecked.

If the issue also occurs, please share your project so that we can check.


Thank you very much for your answer.
Unfortunately s still not working.

Here’s the link to the file I used for tests.!AmAVve0GxIyGw2aXsOx99v6TjR3F?e=OYYhZ3

Thank you.



Thanks for sharing the file.
We will take a look and feedback to you soon.


Hi Stefano,

Can you please let me know how/where did you view the completion status in Moodle? (a screenshot would be appreciated)



User, to view lesson 02, has to complete lesson 01 on Moodle.

This is how 01 is set on moodle:

…and this is how is set lesson 02

Thank you

Hi Stefano,

SCORM 1.2 doesn’t track the completion_status status (completed/incomplete) and the success_status (passed/failed) separately as SCORM 2004.
It only has the lesson_status that can be one of the following values: incomplete, completed, passed or failed.
When the lesson is completed, ActivePresenter sets SCORM 1.2 lesson_status to passed or failed (based on the Pass Condition set when exporting) in Tutorial, Practice or Test mode, and completed in Demonstration mode.
You use Tutorial mode so you must select the Passed check box in Require status section when uploading the lesson to Moodle.

Moreover, the lesson is completed only when it reaches to the end of the last slide, so please reduce the last slide duration (to about 1s, for example) just in case the learner closes the lesson before completing the last slide.


Thank you very much.
This was very useful.