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Dear Support Center,
we use ActivePresenter Pro Edition, Version 7.5.8.
As you suggested, I entered the next slide button in the attached project

Now we need help for the SCORM Package.

We use a moodle platform 3.5

We set

step1) export html5 - practice - pass condition - number of slide viewed 4
step2) lms SCORM 1.2
see the SCORM zip attached

step 3) In moodle we added the SCORM package and set
grading method - Learning Object
activity completion - required status completed

But it doesn’t work, so the questions are

  1. how we have to carry out the project so that all the slides are scrolled through a button?
  2. what are the setting for the SCORM, for the completion in the Moodle 3.5 platform?

Waiting for your response,
Thank you very much for your availability!


We can not access your shared files. Can you please check again and share the link directly to And can you please also explain the first question in more detailed?