SCORM 1.2 Package Error In Browser

The SCORM 1.2 package is not running properly when I try to run it using browser using the .html file. I keep getting the error:
Unable to find an API adapter
Unable to locate LMS’s API Implementation
LMSCommit was not successful

ActivePresenter version: Version 9.1.0

OS: MacOS 17



That error is due to the lack of LMS support for SCORM. Whichever SCORM version you export, it must be uploaded to an LMS that supports it. It cannot be run directly without LMS support.

For your information, there are three common ways to distribute the HTML5 output:

  1. Use an LMS (Learning Management System): This is the recommended method. It enables you to effectively manage, deliver, and track training courses. You can explore popular LMS options like Moodle Cloud, TalentLMS, and Scorm Cloud. Learn more here: Track Training Courses in an LMS with ActivePresenter
  2. Use a web server: You can embed the output into a webpage. However, this method does not allow tracking user interaction and results as using an LMS. Find out how to embed HTML5 courses here: Embedding HTML5 Course Into a Webpage - Atomi Systems, Inc.
  3. Compress as a zip file for sharing via email: Another option is to compress the project as a zip file and share it through email. However, this method also lacks the tracking capabilities of an LMS.

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Thank you for your help!

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