Score is overwritten after 1st attempt

Hi, I used ActivePresenter to create a T/F question and exported as SCORM for importing to Canvas LMS. I attempted the SCORM as a student and received a 100% correct result which was recorded in the Canvas LMS as well. However, when I entered to the package again and left without completing the question, I found my previous recorded completion status was changed to incomplete.
Both the number of attempts in my ActivePresenter project and Canvas assignment are set as 1 only.

Therefore, I would like to ask is there a way to avoid overwriting acquired score, i.e., if someone has acquired a 100% correct in an ActivePresenter module, the score will not be overwritten when the module is attempted again? Thank you.

Hi Tony,

Please take a look at my previous response to your thread first Learning progress isn’t recorded on LMS.
You shouldn’t enter the package to view the result.

If it works correctly, SCORM should run in review mode when you complete the package and enter it again.
However, each LMS sets up this mode differently and doesn’t follow standards so it’s hard for ActivePresenter can support it.
Please try seeking on your LMS to see if there is any option to re-enter with a new attempt. Or you can contact to Canvas LMS support team for further suggestions.

All the best,

Hi Thuy,

Thank you for your answers.

But what is the purpose of Report slide?

And, can ActivePresenter force users to review, not reattempt modules when they have obtained full marks in quiz?


Hi Tony,

For your information, Report Slide lets learners track and review all their interactions, for example, exam results like quizzes scores and pass/fail conditions.
Kindly take a closer look at this article for details: How to Use Report Slide in ActivePresenter 8 - Atomi Systems, Inc.
After completing the quiz, students can review their results and interactions using the Report slide.

The current version of ActivePresenter hasn’t supported this feature yet. But we noted it down and will take it into consideration in the next updates.
In the meantime, you can try looking for options in your LMS to force new attempts as in Moodle SCORM FAQ - MoodleDocs

Hope that it helps.