Scene panel views

Firstly, let me say that changes added to the most recent version of Saola are awesome and make working with the software much easier and enjoyable. The two best changes are:

  1. Being able to search for functions, resources and elements. I always use sensible naming of all three of these things and now it just make it amazingly simply to find / filter for what I need.

  2. Making the text edit window work the same as other editor windows - it make it much more practical to handle text.

Thanks for both and the other changes.

My feature request is could we have more options for the scenes panel (like the resources panel).

  1. The ability to view as a list ( perhaps with a small icon)

  2. The ability to pick the size of the the thumbnails.


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Hi @mackavi,

Much appreciated your suggestions.
I have forwarded your feedback to our internal team, and they have well received your opinions.

Regarding the size of the thumbnails, you can right click at the Scenes pane > Show in Column.
Then, resize the border of the Scenes pane. The thumbnail size will change following your dragging movement.

Quynh Anh