Scalable/Smooth Cursor Path Speed

Whenever creating an interactive simulation recording I need to replace all of my cursor paths in order to unify their design and speed – for this I usually use a batch operation “insert cursor path”. In such situation no movement option which I can set for the cursor path (Fixed speed or Moving Duration) provides a smooth watching experience across the whole project.

For example:
When all the cursor paths are set with Fixed speed of 800, they look well on mid distances, are too fast on short distances and too slow on long distances.
When all the cursor paths are set with Moving duration of 1.2, they look well on mid distances, are to slow on short distances and too fast on long distances.

For convenience purposes it would be great to have something that scales the movement in accordance with human perception.

It is not really engaging to go through 150 slides of the project, editing the cursor path duration manually. Especially when you have to do this on daily basis.

Or it would be cool to have some sort of macros/scripting module available in AP to edit slide content automatically.

Good morning,

Thank Vit for sharing your feedback and feature request regarding the cursor path in interactive simulation recordings. We noted it down and we’ll consider it.

We appreciate that you are a part of our community and contribute to its growth and enhancement.
If you have any further suggestions or insights, please feel free to share them with us.

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