Saola won't open on "primary" monitor


Saola Animate version: 3.1.1


This is really odd, I can not get Saola Animate to open on my primary monitor. My set up is (2) monitors, I have one monitor designated as primary monitor. So if I have monitor 1 set as primary then Saola opens on monitor 2. If I have monitor 2 set as primary then Saola opens on monitor 1.

If I drag Saola’s window over to the monitor I have set as primary, then the right click context menus show up on the " 2nd monitor and not on the primary.

None of my other winodws programs exhibit this behavior, they open on the primary monitor as they should. I noticed Saola started doing this (2) updates ago.

Help, I am going cross eyed trying to figure this out, thanks. :thinking:

Hi Locky,

It’s so strange, can you please try the following steps to see if it works:

  1. Deactivate Saola Animate and close it
  2. Delete Saola Animate.ini file in the folder C:\Users\<your_user_name>\AppData\Roaming\ATOMI\Saola Animate
  3. Start Saola Animate, and activate it again


Hi ToanLS,

Ok I did all that, deactivated license then deleted ini file, rebooted computer and then re-ctivated my license but still get the same result. I have uploaded 3- images of my desktop monitors so you can see. If I load Saola on my Primary monitor then all the menus including the right click context menu show up on the monitor that is NOT my primary monitor, so menus are not on the same screen with Saola. I have tried everyway of rearranging the monitors in the display preferences but nothing seems to make Saola open on the monitor that I make Primary, Saola will only open on the monitor that is NOT the primary monitor.

So to get Saola to work on the Right Monitor #2, I have to make the Left Monitor my primary monitor and then all the menus on Saola work correctly, but then, all my other programs open on the Left Monitor #1, then I have to drag each program back over to the #2 monitor on the right because that is straight in front of me and my main work is done there. If I change the monitors back so that all my windows programs open on monitor #2 on the right, then Saola will only open on the left monitor which would not be my primary and the menus are then on the wrong screen again. Wow…that’s a lot of details to type out, I hope I have described it well enough to make sense.