Saola Linedrawing not working with freeform curve


I tried to reproduce the Linedrawing sample project with a heart and replacing the heart with a freeform curve. Unfortunately it doesn’t work and I get the following message :slight_smile:

TypeError: path.getTotalLength is not a function. (In ‘path.getTotalLength()’, ‘path.getTotalLength’ is undefined)

This is working with SVG curves in other tools. What can be wrong?

p.s. : your products rock!

For freeform you need to use _linePath instead:

var path = doc.getElement('freeOne')._linePath;



Thanks for your fast answer. I have another question for you. Where can I find some reference about Saola and Presenter Javascript?

Have a nice day

The help manual contains the public APIs but I find reading back through old posts gives you a much better understanding of what Saola can do and how to use JS effectively.

And you can turn the API commands on in the editor: