Saola Games to play during lockdown

Looking forward to seeing what Saola 3.0 can do but with some time on my hands during lock-down, I rebuilt a couple of my favourite games in Saola 2.0.

Sudoku Sensei is a digital version of the paper classic. It shows that you can use external JS libraries effectively with Saola. In this case, the script generates a Sudoku number sequence that be displayed in a Saola built UI.

Match Three is an old tile classic. It was originally written and bolted onto an Opus UI but Saola made it possible to rewrite the code and use it directly from the program. The grid is actually a HTML5 Canvas element but if I was building it from scratch now, I think you could just use Saola’s own elements.


It’s nice to see the great work you have done using Saola Animate 2.0. Please stay tuned for the new version and updates. Can’t wait to see what you will be doing with Saola Animate 3.0 :smile:

Nice game :smile: